Surviving a Home Birthday Party

If you are planning a birthday party at home you are going to need games, activities and all sorts to keep the guests occupied.

Many people now opt for the birthday parties to be done outside of the home at an activity centre, such as bowling or flip out. These are great places to go and they definitely keep stress levels down and children occupied but a stay at home party can still be done with minimal stress and enjoyable for all.

Want to know how to do it? Read on below.


Premake finger foods

There are so many foods that can be made in advance and frozen. Foods such as mini quiches, mini sausage rolls, meatballs and the list goes on!

Take the food out of the freezer the day before to defrost.

The day before you can make jellies, salads, platters and have them all ready to go in the fridge.

This removes having to do prep and cleaning up on the day of the party.

Set up activity stations

All the guests are not all going to want to sit and do the same activities and games at the same time; especially if you have guests of varying ages attending.

Set up activity stations around the yard or house and let the guests move between them as they please.

Stations such as cake decorating, jewelery making, playdoh fun, painting and arts and crafts work well and keep them amused for long lengths of time.

Communicate beforehand

Make sure your invitations clearly have a RSVP date on them and that it is a few weeks out from the party date. This gives you a chance to follow up anyone who hasn’t gotten back to you.

Check with guests for any allergies to foods to ensure there are no unexpected trips to the ER.

Making sure you are aware of the number of guests makes sure that you do not over or under cater.

Remember the classics

Don’t forget the classic games such as pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey. These games have been around for SO long and are always fun.

Pull out a set of chairs and throw on some music and get a game of musical chairs started.

Enjoy the classics!

Remember the reason for the party

There is so much stress around putting a party on, making sure everyone is happy and enjoying themselves. Making sure there is food for everyone and places to sit. It is a full on day and it doesn’t end when the party finishes.

You then have the clean up and the thank you’s to send.

Make sure you remember that the party is a celebration. Its a chance to spend time with family and friends and enjoy yourself.

Don’t forget this!

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