DIY Christmas Ideas

diy christmas

Christmas is coming! This year has gone so quick and its time to start planning (if you haven’t started already)

Why not have some fun with the kids and create some of your own personalised wrapping paper and decorations.

Check out some of our fun and creative ideas below.

Artwork Wrapping Paper

Struggling to find a way to store all of your childrens artwork from school?

Why not use the artwork as wrapping paper for friends and families gifts. Add names and dates to the artwork so that it can be kept as a keepsake after removing from the present

Photo Christmas Cards

Personalised Christmas cards are always a hit with family, especially those who you don’t see very often. It gives everyone a chance to see an update of the family and all the growing that has happened.

You can take a family photo yourself and either make your own cards by printing and sticking on cardstock or uploading the photo to an online company such as Vista Print and have them professionally created.

Laminated Placemats

Cut white cardstock into placemat size and let the kids decorate them, drawing pictures and patterns.

Once they are finished creating their masterpieces, put them through a laminator.

Once cooled cut around, 1cm away from the edge of the paper.

Place on the table to use as placemats during your Christmas feast.

These can be wiped down with a slightly damp cloth and then stored for the following year to use again

Hand and Foot Print Wrapping Paper

Grab a roll of butchers paper and an assortment of coloured poster paints.

Unroll a length of the paper and pour paint into paint trays.

Let the kids dip their hands and feed in the paint and then run across the paper, creating a unique and personalised gift wrapping paper.

This idea would best be completed outside due to the mess factor that may occur 😉

Christmas is a fun time and should not be too stressful. Make sure you enjoy it and make it a time that your children will remember.  Merry DIY Christmas!

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