Meet the Maker – Kreate a Dream

Introduce yourself…

My name is Kelly and I am a stay home mum to two children, Sebastian and Madison, and my husband is a FIFO and we have been a FIFO family for nearly 10 years.

I originally worked as a Personal Assistant to the CEO and Chairman of a mining company for many years and it was thoroughly enjoyable as it was very versatile, but we sold the business and I took some time off while we looked for another company shell to build, but during this time I fell pregnant and from there I never went back into the corporate world.

After having my first child and planning birthday parties, I found a niche that I was really good at and thoroughly enjoyed and showed my creative side, so I decided to study Wedding and Event Planning with Australia and Overseas credentials.

When I was studying and completed my certificate I had to work out which area of events I wanted to work, and it only made sense to work in children’s, as I had two young ones.

I original started a children’s party planning business called Create a Dream Kids Parties, but after 3 years and my husbands roster changing to 2/1 it just was not working for me to be leaving my kids with a babysitter and with no parent every weekend while I worked. when that was the only time I really had with them once they were at school full time.  I knew I had to make changes and that I did.

How did Kreate a Dream begin?
Kreate a Dream began… I found that when I was preparing the parties I thoroughly enjoyed the creating side, so I stuck with what worked for me and showed my stronger side and began making Feather Headdresses and Dreamcatchers and then accessories just came.  I would spend many nights awake thinking of ideas.  I love how creating something for someone makes me feel and it doesn’t feel like a job or hobby, I really love it except when I stab my thumb sometimes when sewing the feathers in LOL

I love seeing pictures of customers wearing my creations and seeing my daughters face when I show her something new that I have made, it just shows that I am doing this right when there’s a huge smile on little children’s faces, but I do also make them for the bigger kids too, myself included.

Tell us about your journey so far…
My journey has been very fulfilling so far, with Instagram and Facebook helping me find customers and seeing some of my creations in magazine shoots, but I am now on my way with my little shop on etsy and hoping to fill it up with some amazing and wonderful designs and accessories, for the big and the little people.

What does your typical day involve?
My day usually involves rushing to get kids to school and then coming home to do a quick yoga routine, as it helps me clear my mind after the morning rush, and then grab a coffee or tea and then into my home office, checking emails, social media messages and then making the magic happen, but it’s not always that easy sometimes things pop up that need my attention elsewhere or when husband is home I get a bit distracted and we start working on things around the house and we spend some quality time together.

Do you think role play benefits kids and their sense of adventure?
I totally believe role play gives the kids their sense of adventure, as soon as you put something on your imagination just takes you to that place, and they can have hours of entertainment, it gives them a chance to be whomever wherever they want and opens their minds.  I love it as do all children, you only need to inspire them and they inspire you in return.

Any stories to share from Kreate a Dream customers?
Some happy customer comments:-

“Love, Love, Love!”

“Thank you Kelly for the gorgeous headdress and the beautiful packaging it came in! can’t wait to surprise the bride with it, thank you xxx”

“Hi Kelly, I have received my headdress today for Charlie and I love it. Thank you so much x”


“Hi! we received the package yesterday and I opened it this evening! OMG….. its absolutely perfect, just perfect.  My daughter cannot wait to wear the headdress! Summer has been playing with the arrow, she adores all of the pieces.  Thank you for your thoughtfully given them to her!!! ”

What’s Next?
Next for Kreate a Dream is working towards filling the shop with our pieces and some new items too and keep enjoying what I am doing, meeting new people along the way and making little people happy and inspire their imaginations.


Strawberry ‘Green’ Smoothie

Do you have a fussy eater who doesn't like vegetables? With a particular aversion to anything green?

Try as you might with Hulk references, as soon as they spot the green speck, it's all over. Even the tiniest speck of green makes the whole meal a no go zone for my 4 year old son.

Even so, I don't give up. That's the trick they say. Serve them salad or vegies with every meal and eventually they will eat it.

We like the colour orange and yellow so carrots and corn are good. Anything red he has a fear of spice after accidentally consuming some chilli a while back (oops!).

But we are still working on the colour green.

Little trees that were eaten by dinosaurs, aka Broccoli... nope.

Peas.... once.

Zucchini... NEVER!

But all is not lost when there are green smoothies around and this is my current favourite!

Tastes just like a strawberry smoothie.

But with hidden greens of course!





Strawberry 'Green' Smoothie

Strawberry 'Green' Smoothie

1 1/2 Cups of Almond Milk

1/2 Cup Strawberries

1/2 Cup Blueberries (can use more strawberries too)

1 Banana

3/4 Cup Spinach

1 Tbsp Honey

1 Tbsp Peanut butter (or can skip)

Top 20 Boho Baby Name Predictions

If you’re anything like me when it comes to choosing a baby name, you probably have a long list in your phone notes that over time is getting shorter and shorter, as you cross off the names taken by your best friend, family, neighbour, and anyone else that has beaten you to it.
We all want our children to be loved and happy, and the bohemian vibe of these baby names will capture the free spirited essence of your wild child.
Here are Teepee Child’s pick for the top boho baby names:

What it’s like being a mum of twins

Having twins is like having a sign on your back that read’s “Come chat and ask me all the personal questions you can think of”. Don’t get me wrong – I love having a chat and am so fortunate for all I have – but in comparison to other mum friends, they don’t get asked nearly as many personal questions (but I like to see the funny side).

For one. Everyone wants to stop (or stare).

Like it wasn’t hard enough to get out the door in the first place, stopping to change 4 nappies (a bit too regular), take the right Thomas trains, grab the book with the picture of a doughnut, get the naked baby doll, not the fully dressed one, pack a bag of snacks for a small army, fill the water bottles, pack the nappy bag, shuffle them both to the car without one doing a runner, that I then get to the shops only to get stopped every few minutes by a complete stranger.

Don’t get me wrong. When I have the time I love a chat. But as a working mum, my time is limited, and my to do list is long. Sometimes I just want to get in and get out. You know what I mean.

Hudson and Indi in the ‘made just for twins’ Coles double trolley. 

Old ladies are at top of the list. I’ve been known to turnaround the trolley when I see an older lady in the aisle eyeing off a jar of mayonnaise. That’s a good five minutes I’ll never get back.

And then there are the questions. I don’t see anyone else getting asked these questions? Or maybe you are. The following is what I get asked in a normal conversation, and what I’d really like to say in reply.

Are they twins? Yes 

One looks bigger than the other. I assure you they are twins. I gave birth to them.

They don’t look alike. Nope. But they are definitely twins.

So they’re identical? No. They’re a boy and a girl. And they don’t look alike.

Do twins run in your family? Are you asking me whether I fell pregnant with twins naturally or went through IVF?

I have a friend with twins. That’s good.  Twins are pretty common these days.

Are you going to have any more kids? Just because I have twins does that mean I’m going to tell you whether or not I plan to have any more children? Are twins not enough for you?

You’ve got Double the Trouble there. Now we are starting with the puns. Great.

So I guess you had a cesarean? You really want to hear my birth story? Lets start with the ten weeks bed rest in hospital, the ‘natural’ premature birth, the haemorrhage, the 2 weeks they spent in NICU, the 3 more weeks they spent in hospital… nope didn’t think so.

So next time you see a mum with multiples, take a moment to assess the situation. Are the kids behaving, does the mum, look frazzled, tired, stressed? If the answer is a yes, a simple act of a nice hello and a smile would be great – or an extra pair of hands.

“Written with a smile on my face and a not so serious tone”

Dining out with twins

So are you telling me the local Chinese is now off limits to parents with toddlers?

I grew up around our local Chinese Restaurant. It was where we came together with family and friends on Friday nights as long as I could remember. Where kids could make a mess and join two or more chairs together when we got a little tired from the dim lighting d spring rolls.

So naturally as a mother, I now like to take my kids to the local Chinese. It’s nothing flash, but good local Chinese comfort food, and usually it’s a mid-week event as we both work full-time.

So this time around, being a Wednesday, you’d expect to enjoy a meal, make a mess, and then apologise for the mess as you leave – basically a normal dinner for a family of 4, complete with our 2 year old twins.

Now I’ve been taking my twins out for meals since they were 6 months. Yes they make mess. Yes they may yell. But they sit in their chairs, and are happy if they’re eating alongside us, with some cups of water, a bunny and a train set thrown in for good fun.

But on this particular Wednesday, as I sat enjoying my glass of wine and my combination birds nest I couldn’t help but overhear the comments from 60’s + table of four behind me. “Parents should know better” Kids shouldn’t be out”. It was 7pm. I turned around and gave an over compensated smile to the lady who was so opinionated about my family’s behaviour. We asked for the bill, “Oh its ok they’re leaving now”. I turned around to exclaim “Yes, it’s ok we are leaving now” Only to be met by a blindly over supporting husband telling me not to listen to other people’s business. My reply “ It’s hard not to when you are basically SHOUTING IT AT ME.”

The twins on a family holiday to Port Douglas

I then reminded them nicely they were at their local Chinese. My blood boiled with anger.

On the other hand there was the table in front of me. The older couple dining together must have been in their late 80’s. As she walked in she recognised we had twins. I have boy/girl fraternal twins, the boy being much taller means they are often mistaken for close siblings.

Not long into our meal she turned around and gave them a Kit Kat. At first I thought about the sugar rush and the impending struggle to keep them seated.

But then I thought what a perfect moment – you just happened to have the perfect treat to be shared between twins. A Kit Kat.

She mentioned she always carried treats around for good little kids and it gave her as much, if not more joy then it did the twins.

As we were leaving and dealing with the comments from the other table, the sweet older couple called our twins over , handing them a two dollar coin each. I kept thinking don’t put the money in your mouth, and spent the trip home trying to pry it from them as they kept doing exactly that.

But as my blood boiled from the people behinds comments, the older couple in front had dispersed it.

As we left the restaurant all I could hear was the older lady saying how good they were. “They’re twins you know”, and we couldn’t have been more proud than in that moment.

Yes they are twins. Yes they are good. Yes we are allowed to have an early dinner out. And no, I’m not going to apologise anymore.

Especially not at my local Chinese restaurant.

DO you have twins or toddlers? Do you take them out to dinner? Would love to hear your experiences

Surviving a Home Birthday Party

If you are planning a birthday party at home you are going to need games, activities and all sorts to keep the guests occupied.

Many people now opt for the birthday parties to be done outside of the home at an activity centre, such as bowling or flip out. These are great places to go and they definitely keep stress levels down and children occupied but a stay at home party can still be done with minimal stress and enjoyable for all.

Want to know how to do it? Read on below. Continue Reading →